A musical journey through pregnancy

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Autor Gabriel F. Federico Publicado 2016 Editorial OBSTARE

A wealth of clinical experience, plain language and a natural ability to communicate scientific knowledge are combined in A Musical Journey through Pregnancy. With an original approach, this work introduces us to the fascinating world of music therapy and pregnancy, inviting us to explore fields such us prenatal psychology, fetal hearing, humanization of birth and the importance of early bonding. Through music therapy, the musical experience builds a bridge between expectant parents and expected babies. In other words, music stops being an end in itself and becomes a resource through which family members can pamper, protect, support and nurture their child long before being able to touch the baby with their hands or lips. A Musical Journey through Pregnancy is a guide for parents-to-be, health professionals, and those curious spirits interested in learning more about the most important period of human development: prenatal life.

“The childcare professional and educator will benefit by learning important lessons about early human development. Based on this information the professional will discover new ways to observe, relate and design prenatal preparation programs. Both these groups will find the material theoretically sound and of great practical value. This is a book that will make a difference to the lives of many thousands of babies”. Thomas R. Verny